International Resource Center

The Hormone Health Network is committed to increasing global patient education. Through international collaborations, we offer some of our most popular resources in assorted languages, and adaptations for specific countries, modified to incorporate respective customs and practices.

Team up with the Hormone Health Network— inquire about language translation and country adaptation for an international audience.

Resources by Language

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Resources by Country

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Hormone Health Network International Colleagues

Endocrine Society of Australia
The Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey


Some translated resources are provided in collaboration with the Endocrine Society's Ambassador Exchange Program. The Ambassador Exchange program is an international exchange pilot program that establishes collaborative relationships between leading medical centers in the United States and international medical centers (IMC) serving indigent populations. A two-person team from each participating institution (an established endocrinologist and a trainee) are appointed to serve as Ambassadors for their home institution and the Endocrine Society.