Exercises: Anytime, Anywhere

Keeping the endocrine system healthy requires exercise. Exercise releases hormones stored in the muscles, and without exercise the body cannot maintain the proper hormonal balance for many systems, including bone, muscle and energy levels. For people with endocrine conditions — such as diabetes and thyroid disorders — exercise is essential to helping the body cope.

Exercise Helps Prevent Diabetes

For those wondering how to prevent diabetes, exercise is the secret weapon. Exercise improves the movement of the blood in the body, and this provides insulin with the path it needs to carry excess glucose to the cells and out of the blood. If you are at risk for developing diabetes, and especially if you have a family history of the condition, exercise is essential.

Yet for many people, especially those who are not used to exercising, starting a new exercise program is intimidating. They envision hours in the gym alongside musclebound professional athletes. However, there are a number of healthy exercises to do at home to help control hormones and improve overall health.

Healthy Exercises to Do at Home

As you work to meet your healthy living goals, whether your goal is to prevent diabetes or control a hormonal condition, strength and flexibility training are going to be important. Consider these exercises to help:

  • Hot Seat - Do a squat in a low chair with legs. Start in a seated position, then use your legs to lift yourself to a standing position.
  • Raise the Roof - Push your arms straight over your head, engaging muscles as if you are pushing weights.
  • Tree Pose - Place your arms over your head, put your palms together and balance on one leg.
  • Swim - Perform the arms portion of a freestyle swimming movement while standing in place.
  • Wall Pushups - Face a wall. Lean in while bending the arms, and push yourself away from the wall.
  • Boxing - Box the air using muscles in the arms and chest.

These exercises require no special equipment, and can easily be done at home, while on the road or anywhere life takes you. They take only a few moments but can do quite a bit to benefit your body.

Consider Walking to Get the Body Moving

One of the easiest exercises — and something almost anyone can do — is walking. Walking works many muscles, requires no special skill or equipment and can vary in intensity to match your level of fitness. People in all stages of life can walk to improve their health and get their bodies moving.

Hormonal Conditions and Exercise

If you already have been diagnosed with a hormonal condition, exercise is beneficial. However, it can be more difficult, as you have to keep your overall health and hormonal balance in line. If you have thyroid function problems, testosterone levels that are out of balance or high cortisol levels, consult an endocrinologist before you start an exercise program. Getting your hormone levels tested before you begin will help ensure that you are ready for a new, healthier lifestyle.