Who: Life180, Inc. is a health media company that helps kids and teens to manage their weight and helps their parents to support them. Created by professionals in the entertainment industry in collaboration with leaders in adolescent and pediatric medicine, psychology, and obesity treatment, we use the power of web-based social networking to tackle the obesity crisis through our free online communities and our online group coaching for both kids and parents.

Support Resources

fitsmi.com: A free, safe online community with expert advice, peer support and loads of useful information, recipes, tips and tools for teen girls (ages 13-18) who are struggling with their weight and ready to make a change.

fitsmiforMoms.com: The first social network for parents of overweight kids and teens, a free resource providing expert guidance and mutual support.

fitsmi Group Coaching for Parents is a 7-week program for parents of boys and girls, ages 10-18. This first-of-its-kind program, led by a registered dietitian and a psychologist, addresses the challenges facing parents from every angle including improving lines of communication, re-structuring the home environment to promote family health, and identifying and tackling the underlying contributors to a child’s weight management issues. Participants receive supplemental materials including individualized meal plans and recipes.

fitsmi Group Coaching for Teen Girls: A 16-week, online weight management program designed especially for teen girls. A registered dietitian conducts group coaching during live, weekly video chats joined by guest experts including a fashion designer and a make-up and skin care specialist. Additionally the girls enjoy a variety of other media including digital plan books, a 24/7 private bulletin board, tracking tools and weekly interactive, animated “e-sessions” packed with invaluable information on topics ranging from “Basics of Nutrition” to “Hot New Trends That Look Great on Every Body Shape." The focus is on lifestyle changes, not quick fixes so success will last a lifetime!

Upcoming Events: Registration for Parent and Teen coaching groups is now open. For more information on parent groups, visit www.fitsmiinc.com/coaching-for-parents/ and for information on coaching for teen girls, visit www.fitsmiinc.com/coaching-for-teen-girls/.

Get Involved: We invite teen girls and parents of overweight kids of all ages to join our online communities by visiting www.fitsmiforMoms.com and www.fitsmi.com. Endocrinologists and other medical practitioners and clinicians who are interested in referring patients or knowing more about us, please contact us at clinicalinfo@fitsmi.com to request a clinician’s packet.

Become a fitsmi coaching affiliate!

Individuals or organizations such as clinics, hospitals, wellness companies and medical practitioners looking to expand their wellness offerings to include services for overweight kids and their parents, could partner with us as a fitsmi coaching affiliate.

We provide a turnkey, cost-free way to offer impactful on-line weight management for overweight kids and their parents to your market and beyond. For more information, contact affiliateinfo@fitsmi.com.