Share Your Story

Do you have a unique story related to hormone health? Share your story today! Your story and experiences will be shared with Congress. Your involvement will help improve hormone health for everyone. To share your story, send us a direct message on Twitter (@HormoneHealthN) or Facebook (The Hormone Health Network). You can also email us your story at

Social media is a quick and effective way to share your story and reach a large audience. All U.S. Members of Congress as well as international policymakers are active on social media platforms. As a community that cares about hormone health, using our digital strength can have a lasting impact. Be an advocate on social media using these tips:

  • Write a post on their Facebook wall.
  • Send them a Tweet to promote your message or thank them for addressing your concerns.
  • Remember that hashtags increase your visibility. You can use hashtags such as #SupportNIH, #Diabetes, etc.

Sample Tweets:

  • "Thank you @LegislatorX for your support of science & #NIH funding" 
  • "@LegislatorX, I am a patient living with type 2 Diabetes. We need more funding for #diabetes research, not less. Please support #research!" 
  • "LegislatorX, research saves lives! Support science. Fund #MedicalResearch"

Current Priorities


⚠ Support Increased funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

⚠ Ensuring health reform efforts have a positive impact on beneficiaries

⚠ Improved regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the United States and internationally

⚠ Reduction in the widespread presence of diabetes and obesity

⚠ Protecting access to care for women and transgender individuals

We need your help in encouraging your Members of Congress to co-sponsor these priorities. Please send a letter to your US Senators and Representative. A letter has been created for you, all you have to do is enter your address and personalize the letter with your own story. Remember your voice matters!