Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension Treatment

Because of the high risk of heart disease and stroke that come with high blood pressure issues, finding the right hypertension treatment is crucial to your overall health once you have been diagnosed with this condition. Treatment of hypertension can involve some trial and error as your doctor tries to find the right balance of lifestyle modifications and medication to help combat the problem. Once a treatment regime has been determined, you must be careful to stick to the treatment to protect your health.

Treating Primary Hypertension

Primary hypertension is that which is not caused by a secondary or underlying condition. Primary hypertension cannot be cured, but most patients can control their blood pressure effectively.

Hypertension treatment begins with medication to stabilize the blood pressure. Several medications are available to treat blood pressure problems, and your doctor may need to adjust your dosages until the right blood pressure level is reached. Your medications need to be taken exactly as prescribed every day in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

Once blood pressure is under control with medication, doctors will often help patients make lifestyle changes to improve their blood pressure. Lowering your body mass index to a level between 18.5 and 24.9 is important to maintaining healthy blood pressure. Lowering saturated fat and salt levels in your diet can also help.

Exercise is one of the easiest lifestyle changes to make to improve blood pressure. At least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week will help lower blood pressure naturally. Finally, limiting alcohol intake and quitting smoking can help reduce high blood pressure.

Treatment for Secondary Hypertension

Secondary hypertension can be more complicated to treat, because of the underlying condition that causes the hypertension. First, doctors will prescribe medical treatment for hypertension to lower blood pressure.

Once blood pressure levels are under control, the treatment turns to the underlying cause. Often, if the underlying cause can be cured or treated, patients no longer need treatment for hypertension, because the blood pressure issues will resolve themselves.

Whether you are facing primary or secondary hypertension, finding the right treatment and sticking with it is essential. Talk to your doctor, and take the right steps to take control of your health.